Director Teddy Cool Teams Up With King Hollis And John Huffman IV To Produce A Series Of Films About Hip Hop In Cities Around The World

When you think of the history of hip hop, places like Los Angeles, New York and even Atlanta come to mind. In this groundbreaking documentary, local director Teddy Cool teams up with Executive Producers King Hollis and John Huffman IV to throw down the cardboard dance floor gauntlet and show why Dallas deserves its place in the annals of hip hop, break dancing and finding new beats and artists. Media 13 Studios in association with Rec Shop, Too Fresh Productions and the HipHopDraft presents ‘We From Dallas’. A locally produced documentary covering the rise of hip hop culture in Dallas, Texas. From the early days of KNON radio, the golden era of Deep Ellum, and the rise of the southern rap culture, we speak to the heroes and legends that made it all possible. DJ’s, producers, emcess, b-boys, graffiti artists, no stone is left unturned. For the first time, all the architects of Dallas hip-hop are brought together in a feature length documentary to speak on their city, the music, the fans and to let the world know WE FROM DALLAS.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire at risk young people and discover and support the next generation of artists via our digital series and annual televised showcase called the HipHopDraft.

As a part of our strategy to accomplish our goal we are teaming up with local crews and producing a series of "WE FROM" films about all things associated with the early days of hip hop culture in major cities in America ~ and then around the world.

We are proud that our first completed film in the series, "WE FROM DALLAS", premiers at the Dallas International Film Festival on April 8th at the Angelica Theatre in Dallas, Texas at 7:30 PM and a second screening at the on April 12 at 10:15 PM.

""It is an honor to look through the lens of a camera into the eyes of an inspired hip hop dancer, graffiti artist, DJ or rapper and tell their story in a way that they and their community are proud of."" Teddy Cool, Director
""Our immersive films will help the next generation of artists and fans know their roots, the history of hip hop culture in their city and their very own potential."" John Huffman IV, Executive Producer
""Every city has a voice, the "WE FROM" series lets the world hear it loud and clear from the streets."" King Hollis, Executive Producer
""I can't wait to have this film in the Rec Shop and to jump on social media and put youngsters in Dallas and the world up on why we say, WE FROM DALLAS!"" Joel Salazar, co-Producer
""Hip Hop Culture is a rare and expanding combination of art forms and many of them are on full display in our film."" Islam Sesalem, co-Producer
""WE FROM DALLAS is a love letter to the early under-appreciated local hip-hop scene in Big D."" The Mix Master, writer Dallas Observer
"Grade: A- "We from Dallas is the best effort yet, a deeply engrossing look back at Dallas' peripheral role in the emergence of hip hop. From the early DJs at KNON, to The D.O.C., and dance groups in the 2000s, anyone interested in Dallas culture - or the history of hip hop - should make sure this is on their to-watch-list."" Peter Simek, writer D Magazine
""This is a very in-depth, entertainment and informative documentary that is well edited for time considering the sheer volume of information contained. It is a good time while learning. Well worth a watch or two... or three."" Mut Asheru, writer
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